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We are a team of search professionals dedicated to enabling you to solve your toughest search problems. This is the story of how we got started and what makes us tick:

Our story
Spinque originated at the Dutch National Research Centre in Computer Science and Mathematics (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) in Amsterdam. Arjen, Roberto and Wouter were doing research into ‘high-performance database engines’ and ‘information retrieval’ when they realized that combining both fields would create a complete new way of information access. The probabilistic graph database they subsequently developed, combines the key advantages of information retrieval and databases and so enables search design.

Nowadays, we operate from our office in the old factory-warehouse Hooghiemstra in Utrecht. The initial research idea has grown out to an industrial strength software product. The flexibility of our technology enables our clients to design search solutions to their problems and powers search engines that answer millions of queries per day.

Our mission
Our mission is to put you in charge of your search. We are convinced that (search) solutions are best created by combining up-to-the-minute domain knowledge with state-of-the-art technology. You, as an expert in your domain, know what is relevant and which results are expected when searching for information. We know how to support you in designing your solutions and are committed to providing you with the best technology to power them.

We help you face the challenge of dealing with the ever increasing amount of data in today's work environments and help you focus on your core activities. We aim to increase your self-reliance, productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Our team
This is who we are and what makes us tick:

Arjen P. de Vries
General Management

#IR #need-for-speed #human-in-the-loop #search-professor

Chi Shing Chang
eCommerce / Big data specialist

Daria Alexander
linguistics and NLP specialist

Kay Werndli
Machine Learning Specialist

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Michiel Hildebrand
Chief Experience Officer

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Mike Panagopoulos
Machine Learning Intern

Olivier Jansen


Peter Tessel
Community Architect

#search-design #UX #self-organization #film #car-sharing

Roberto Cornacchia
IR/DB Specialist

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Sanne Ravensbergen

Office manager

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Wouter Alink
Search Engine Architect

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