cultural heritage

Improve access to cultural heritage collections

Provide contextualized access to your collections. The cultural heritage community is building a network of heritage information by connecting formerly isolated collections. With Spinque you utilize this network to improve access to your own collections. Collect data from multiple institutes and provide integrated access. Utilize rich information from external knowledge bases, such as thesauri in search, navigation and recommendation.

Link your collection with open data sources

Enrich internal vocabularies with information from external data sources. Open knowledge bases, such as the Getty vocabularies provide rich contextual information for cultural heritage collections. Find the links between your own vocabularies and external knowledge bases in a sustainable way and integrate the external information into your daily workflow.

Search within audio/video material

Not all content can be easily described as a set of documents. For example interviews (audio/video) with speech transcripts are difficult to separate into retrieval units. For some search applications the result could be a time-position within a video. This can't be done with conventional search engines. Spinque provides a dedicated set of building blocks, which enables search engines that express what is relevant in time-based data.

"Break out of isolated silos! Connect collections and create rich experiences that put cultural heritage into context."

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