Spinque is active in a variety of fields. Below are a selection of industries listed.
Our solutions are applied to other industries too, and we are always eager to take on new challenges. Please contact us to find out how Spinque can facilitate your industry.

Media & Entertainment

Valuable information about your media items is hidden away in data silos. To give your information professionals a unified view we integrate data from your internal databases and external data from the Web and social media.

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As a leading university, you continuously reach out to the world and to other scientific communities. How do you go about managing all your external relations, whom may vary from short internships to large multi-year research projects?

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Cultural Heritage

The cultural heritage community is building a network of heritage information by connecting formerly isolated collections. With Spinque you utilize this network to improve access to your own collections.

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The last big push was for omni-channel. Now many eCommerce companies have established themselves in many more channels, making it even more difficult to get your customer's attention. The next frontier is therefore being more relevant than others.

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