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"Make your college and university Information Retrieval courses more exciting"

Do your Information Retrieval courses look like a programming exercises? Do students have to deal mostly with installing and running experiments, rather than getting hands-on experience with applying retrieval models? And is playing with retrieval models limited to the models hardwired in the software? Perhaps you would like to try Spinque Desk. It offers search by strategy, a paradigm in which complex retrieval models can be expressed. It lets students play with algorithms used in modern-day information retrieval systems, without the need for programming. Spinque Desk makes teaching about text-retrieval, recommendation, and other engines much more focused.


Evaluation Metrics
Spinque Desk comes with a built-in evaluation system and assessment tools. This allows to organise your course as an actual information retrieval evaluation challenge. Students can design search strategies, get qualitative feedback by having other students assess their engine, and get direct feedback on their search strategy attempts. Students can test on a training set, and inspect the results. Examiners can run the strategies created by the students on the actual topics. No need for creating the same software setup.


User interface generation
Combined with Spinque EQUIP students can perform user experiments, by directly generating user interfaces from their search strategies. Even faceted navigation and link navigation is included, without the need for additional programming. It is ideal for exploratory search scenarios.

  • Integrated test system. The system can be setup with training-topics and test-topics, allowing students to participate in actual retrieval.


  • Standard building blocks for various operations, such as TF-IDF, BM25, Language Modeling.


  • All strategies are built on solid foundations; the expressiveness of Probabilistic Relation Algebra (PRA) and the robustness of Structured Query Languange (SQL).

  • Connects to OAI-PMH repositories. Allows to create new and exciting search applications (for example on your universities repository).


  • All indices are created, and stored in a Database Management System, making sure standard operations are executed correctly. Compression of data-structures is therefore not needed, and so no problems arise from bit-shifting issues, or overflows. Bringing focus to the actual retrieval models.

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