How do you engage your customer in online retail? The last big push was for omni-channel. Now many eCommerce companies have established themselves in many more channels, making it even more difficult to get your customer's attention. The next frontier is therefore being more relevant than others. The ability to communicate with a customer on a personal level, taking into account needs, areas of interest, preferences and point in the customer journey is generally seen as the key to better customer attraction, conversion and retention.

If you have data and understand what is important to your business, you like to be able to model the desired interaction with your customer. At this point, your current systems and platforms quickly impose limitations. Systems in which every segment or follow-up action needs to be defined become unworkable very quickly. One step up, there are many solutions nowadays that requires you to predefine “tags” and “flags” such as defining customer segments. These overly simplified data models quickly constrain you within those “tags” and “flags”. We all know that each customer is unique in his or her needs, preferences and behaviors.

For online retail, Spinque has developed the SPARQUE solution that allows your marketing experts to focus on industry characteristics and customer behaviors that are meaningful to your business. The flexible data model allows you to connect various and heterogeneous data sources and model the intelligence from that data to drive interaction with your customer. One-on-one and in real-time.

"Flexible data model. You can use online, offline or open data that contain useful information to model your understanding of customer behaviour "

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