As a dean, secretary, member of strategic planning, or other senior role within a university, you shape a university's future and are continuously reaching out into the world and to scientific communities. How do you go about managing all your external relations, whom may vary from short internships to large multi-year research projects? Many times, information that is scattered across the organization needs to be combined to identify better angles or targets when aiming for partnerships or research funds.

EQUIP is a search application that connects all the dots for you. Regardless of whether you are preparing a strategic session with the board or want to find the appropriate counterparts for a visiting delegation, all information throughout the university about research projects, sponsors, publications, etc. becomes available to you, in an instant.

Data Driven: EQUIP imports data from major vendors of CRM, ERP, publication databases, patent databases, contract and leads management databases, HR-databases, internship databases, and more; no matter whether they are kept in spreadsheets or in industrial-strength database systems.


"Data, spread out in silos over your university, available at your fingertips"

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