for organisations:

Spinque Desk

Spinque Desk is our product for information specialists to generate search engines for complex tasks. Creating a search engine has never been easier; they can be drawn on a canvas. Spinque Desk allows to use rich metadata from various sources without having to collapse the data into a pre- defined format.

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for professionals:

Spinque EQUIP

Spinque EQUIP is a search application that connects all the dots for you. Regardless if you are preparing a strategic session with the board or want to find the appropriate counterparts for a visiting delegation. All information throughout the university about research projects, sponsors, publications, etc. becomes available to you, in an instant.

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for collaboration:

Spinque MI2

Spinque MI2 is the ideal plug-in for use in online communities for professionals. MI2 enables members of the community to strengthen their network and to attract potential new members from outside the community. MI2 can be used to access data-sources within the community, and to crawl the internet for relevant additional material and news.

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for webshops:

SPARQUE eCommerce

SPARQUE eCommerce takes on the Real Time Marketing challenge by deploying Spinque's capabilities to connect company data sources. SPARQUE is the solution for eCommerce organizations looking for personalization technololgy for Search, Recommendations and Content.

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for education:

Spinque for education

It offers search by strategy; a paradigm in which complex retrieval models can be expressed. It lets students play with algorithms used in modern-day information retrieval systems, without the need for programming. Spinque Desk makes teaching about text-retrieval, recommendation, and other engines much more focused.

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