privacy policies

Data security

At Spinque we take care in protecting your data and your search engines

•  by default we use SSL encryption (https) for data-transfer
•  our https:// services have had at least grade A since 2013 on (we strive to maintain our grade A+)
•  every employee who needs access to data has signed a non-disclosure agreement
•  third parties don't have access to data stored at Spinque without your authorization
•  data is stored in a data center with ISO-27001 certificate

Reporting abuse of service

To report copyrighted or inappropriate content or illegal activity served by the Spinque Cloud, please e-mail us at
If your issue is urgent, please call support for immediate assistance.

As a provider of content tools and hosting services, Spinque is not in a position to mediate or adjudicate disputes between third parties. In such cases we recommend that you raise your concerns directly with the creator of the content in question.


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