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We enable you to design search solutions that are tailored to your domain and to the tasks users perform within your domain. Our toolset Spinque Desk allows you to accomplish all the necessary design and data processing steps and our team of search professionals is ready to support you at every stage of your design process.

Spinque Desk
Spinque Desk is our online toolset for search design. It enables you to accomplish all the necessary steps: to construct a knowledge graph of your data, to design your search solutions and to deploy your solutions as API’s:

Knowledge graph construction
Once you have a basic idea of the search solution you want to create, we start by storing the relevant entities and concepts from your various data sources as a knowledge graph. One rich data model that integrates your data, gives context to it and enables you to easily add external data.

Solution design
Second the graphical editor enables you to combine building blocks that perform various operations on the knowledge graph: searching data, filtering data, ranking data, transforming data, matching data, etc. It thus enables you to design search solutions. Spinque Desk’s integrated testing functionality further offers you the possibility to continuously assess the results of your evolving project, thus enabling you to iteratively design the perfect solution to your search problem.

API deployment
Once you’re satisfied with your solution, Spinque Desk enables you to easily deploy it as an API and put it into production. You don’t have to worry about performance or scalability, we take care of efficient execution. Our engine is powered by state-of-the-art column store database technology that is fast and reliable.

Search Design
We are a team of search professionals with a combined experience of several decades in designing search solutions. We are happy to support you in one of the following ways during your design process:

  • Search design sprint
    Do you want to go from an abstract idea to an actual search application in a week or even in a day? We help you jumpstart your project by organising a search design sprint. Together with the most important stakeholders we investigate the potential of custom search solutions for your organization. In a restricted amount of time we guide you through all the steps of a search design cycle and together we produce a prototype that can be tested by prospective users and presented to all stakeholders. A search design sprint makes the concept of search design tangible, shows its potential value and introduces you to Spinque Desk and its numerous functionalities.

If the design sprint has convinced you of the value of custom search solutions for your organisation, you might want to develop your prototype into a full featured search solution or create new solutions. Depending on the size of your team, the level of your skill, the time you have available and your ambition we can support you during the next stages of your design process in one of several ways:

  • Search development
    If you are new to search design or have limited time we can develop a search solution for you. We will collaborate closely with you: we aim to get a thorough understanding of your domain and try to transfer as much of our knowledge and experience as possible while working together.
  • Search design training
    If your curiosity in search design is piqued, we can train you in designing search solutions in Spinque Desk and put you on the path to becoming an all-round search designer.
  • Search design support
    Once you get more experienced in designing your search solutions, you will be better able to leverage all the functionality in Spinque Desk. You can always consult us with specific questions or requests. We love ambitious people and projects and are happy to think along.

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