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A meaningful dialogue with your customer
In the data driven, omnichannel world we are entering, eCommerce companies look for technology to support their efforts in reaching out to each customer individually. Customers want you to anticipate their needs and interact meaningfully, as if your platform was a person. SPARQUE brings targeted content to each individual customer, across applications and channels.


Data driven
Data are invaluable and can help automate the otherwise unmanageable task of personalization. Systems in which every segment or follow-up action needs to be defined quickly become unworkable. With SPARQUE, a large B2B wholesaler gives customers personalized recommendations in real-time, taking contextual information into account. Recommendations are returned within 200 milliseconds while calculated over 100.000+ articles and their properties, tens of millions transaction records and tens of thousands of customers.


Data professionals
SPARQUE offers unique advantages for eCommerce use. It is imperative that non-technical people can add data sources, modify data models and refine algorithms. Furthermore, you want to have the intelligence stored in your data available, regardless of whichever customer-facing platform you currently have in use. With SPARQUE, data professionals model their expertise and knowledge of the industry to drive the automation. You can flexibly model the distinct logic of your business and the behaviour of your customers and let the data speak. You can add data sources when they become available or refine your result strategy as your understanding of your customers becomes more granular.

  • Results. Because being relevant to each customer can double your ROI. Increase conversion rate, order size and loyalty by offering what each customer needs, when he or she needs it.


  • Flexible. Because you want technology to fit your architecture, not the other way around. If your current platforms for email or website perform well but lack the intelligence, just add Sparque.

  • Omni-data. Because more sources of data become available every day. Online, offline or open data that help you to model and fuel the business logic behind the right content or offer to your customer.


  • Agile. Because you want to get started, now! We deliver a proof-of-concept within days. From there, you can expand step-by-step to a seamless omni-channel experience.


Smart autocompletion for online auctions

Autocomplete suggestions directly alter what people search for because the autocomplete suggestions are considered to be “recommendations” by the site., a leading European auction site, decided it needed suggestions that are meaningful to the user. sells over a million lots via its platform, but what is on auction at any moment varies quite a bit.

A common item such as an iPhone may be in an open auction most of the time, but sometimes there is no iPhone on sale. Other items may be found only a few times per year. With SPARQUE, the keywords that are suggested are driven by the lots that are on auction at any time so that when a visitor uses a suggested keyword, he will always find active lots he can bid on.

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