spinque desk

"Model what you want to find, not how to find it"

Spinque Desk is a revolutionary design environment for search engines. With Spinque Desk you design the internals of a search engine yourself. You are in control of how to find information and how to rank it. With Spinque Desk you create the strategy that is specific for your data and the tasks that you want to support. With the Strategy editor you graphically model your search engine out of building blocks. No need for back-end programming. Build a recommender system, faceted search, complex unstructured search (where content is scattered over multiple entities). Combine structured, semi-structured and unstructured information and use information from multiple silos.

Control over your search engine
Design your tailored search solution in the graphical
strategy editor.

Direct feedback

Preview data and search results within the design process.

Heterogeneous data.
No problem!

Bring together data from previously isolated silos and make them accessible as one.

  • Drag & drop interface to create tailored search engines


  • Continuous evaluation of search result quality
  • Combine structured and unstructured information


  • Search within multiple data sources
  • Publish search engine as optimized HTTP API


  • Flexible schema-less data model

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