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"MI2 is the ideal plug-in for use in online communities for professionals"

MI2 (Man – And Information Too) is an innovative solution for connecting people and information. MI2 uses smart search technology for theme-based search for people and information on the intranet, internet and social media, and to bring these together. With suggestions like ‘this information might be interesting to you', ‘these people are dealing with similar topics’, or ‘this is someone with similar interests whom you might want to connect’.


Not yet another search engine...

MI2 works as a ‘vertical search engine’, but it is special in that it combines the power of vertical search with social media and other online channels and platforms with active community members. MI2 is also fast. Where Google may only find new content after weeks, MI2 uses a 24-hour crawl cycle, so that relevant developments are visible the next day. This approach enables an integrated view of relevant information and people, dynamically and real-time.


Not yet another social media platform
Because MI2 is a plug-in, it isn't yet another online platform for people to meet or to post information. MI2 uses existing platforms and social media channels and doesn't require additional activity from the end-users. MI2 is an engine under the hood, which empowers platforms to become stronger and more effective.


MI2 is offered as SAAS (Software-as-a-Service). For organisations to use MI2, there is no need to install any software. It is sufficient to connect your online platform with MI2 via an API, and use your own presentation layer to serve the community members..
Implementing MI2 is mostly about determining relevancy for the community. Together with experienced information specialists, an analysis is made of relevant information and community members. This ‘semantic profile’ is then translated into search strategies that MI2 will use. MI2 learns from information needs of users, such as likes and other social media attention, and becomes more clever over time. Periodically the search results will be evaluated, to optimize the search strategies further.

  • Organisation information stays private (intranet, private network)


  • Connecting people and information
  • Attaches to your social media platform of choice


  • Integrates with your existing web platform
  • SAAS solution, with easy to implement REST API

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