All Spinque solutions share a common technology kernel: Search by Strategy. The driving design principle of Search by Strategy is that getting the best out of your data should not require engineering skills.


Your own search strategies on your own data. Search by Strategy is our proven paradigm that allows information specialists to model, test and refine their search workflows at a high level of abstraction, in terms of modular and customisable building blocks in a graphical environment.

Use the best technology from research. The magic that yet enables a fully automatic processing of the resulting data flow is found in our specific take on mixing information retrieval theory and databases, with foundations in over two decades of scientific research.

Let Spinque handle the hard work. Thanks to the fully automatic processing of search strategies, hidden from the end user, no specific technological expertise is required to make the most out of your data.


Search by Strategy simplifies search engine engineering down to three simple steps: Design, Publish, Search.

Design search strategies

Design a search strategy with the help of a strategy design tool. State-of-the-art search components can be combined with a single click, making it possible to design the perfect search solution for your data set. Search strategies can be tested, fine-tuned, benchmarked, altered, stored, shared.

Publish search engines

Transform a search strategy into an on-line search engine. Publish the just generated search engine online again with a single click. Deploy the search engine for personal use, internal use, or online on your webpage.


Provide search experience

Offer a unique search experience: fast and reliable database-powered engine, search any type of media, any type of content, combine search criteria arbitrarily, explore data using fuzzy facetted search, and much more.

Key Features

  • Expand the standard library with your own building blocks.


  • Make sense of uncertainty in data (e.g. missing data, duplicates, inconsistencies).


  • Interactively design search strategies using a well-tested library of state-of-the-art building blocks: search, filter, combine, transform, match.
  • Explore and refine search results interactively by means of facetted browsing.


  • Search through multiple data sources at once.


  • Let robust database technology execute your search strategies as automatically optimised queries.
  • Inspect any intermediate results of your strategies, to stay in full control.


  • Combine structured (e.g. filters) and unstructured (e.g. keyword) search natively.


  • Stress-test your strategies with proper evaluation methodologies, the same used in research.

Would you like to dive deeper in our technology stack?
Check out our online publications.


grasp the main concepts in just a few minutes

CultuurLINK tutorial

Link thesauri with Spinque. watch >

GTOU demonstrator (Dutch)

De demo laat zien hoe twee mediacollecties, waar de media-items zijn geannoteerd met 'aligned' thesauri kan worden verkend. watch >

Scientific publications and presentations

Explore in full detail the technology that make Spinque solutions possible. With peer-reviewed publications, we actively seek formal validation of our approach by the research community, to make sure that our claims are backed by solid arguments.

KARS 2017 presentation

Challenges for industrial-strength. Information Retrieval on Databases. slides >

KARS 2017 paper

Challenges for industrial-strength. Information Retrieval on Databases. read >

Searching Political Data by Strategy

Searching Political Data by Strategy, In Proceedings of the Integrating IR technologies for Professional Search Workshop, 2013. read >

Combining document representations for prior-art retrieval

Combining document representations for prior-art retrieval, In Proceedings of CLEF, 2011. read >

Searching CLEF-IP by strategy

Searching CLEF-IP by strategy, in 10th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum, CLEF 2009, Revised Selected Papers, 2010. read >

Search by strategy

Search by strategy, poster session, ESAIR'10, Toronto, Canada, 2010. read >

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