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Our solutions

for organisations:


Spinque Desk

The search engine design
environment that puts you in

for professionals:


Spinque EQUIP

The search interface that connects the dots for you

for collaboration:


Spinque MI2

Recommendations that bring your community together

for webshops:


Sparque eCommerce

Personalization for search, recommendation and content in eCommerce

Key takeaways

  • Spinque makes custom search solutions easier to engineer, implement and update. Search professionals use their domain knowledge at best with Spinque technology. User experience naturally matches the uncertainty in data and information needs.


  • Design, publish, search! The engineering of tailored search engines made simple, flexible and efficient. Find out how "Search by Strategy" works and learn more about the technology stack that realises this solution.


  • An online graphical strategy editor and a scalable web service architecture supported by state-of-the-art database technology. Customised solutions for various domains, including intellectual property, multimedia archives, search for children.


  • Spinque promotes Search by Strategy, an iterative 2-stage search process that separates search strategy definition (the how) from the actual searching and browsing of the collection (the what).

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